Games Done Quick bans Participants for Sexist and Transphobic comments

If you’re on the internet, just assume everything you type or say will be saved or be brought against you. Recently, GDQ (Games Done Quick) has banned participants regarding sexists comments in a private Discord. Games Done Quick is an event where people gather to beat a game as fast as possible. Andrea, a speedrunner, posted on Twitter comments from the Discord by speedrunners R. White Goose and Graviton.

R. White Goose is famous for his speedruns in Super Mario 64 and GoldenEyeGraviton was famous for Doom 64, Goldeneye, and Pilotwings 64. Graviton was scheduled to play Doom 64 at GDQ in January.

Initially, GDQ stated on Twitter that they would not remove the players from their events. Many people were angry over GDQ’s decisions to not Goose and Graviton.  Comments such as “Extremely disappointed that Games Done Quick doesn’t feel that this warrants a serious investigation.” With the comments against GDQ, the organization has now stated:

“After receiving additional information on the situation that was brought to our attention today, we were able to confirm the authenticity of the screenshots we received,” the organization said. “As such, the people in question will not be representing us at any GDQ events indefinitely.”

While specifically banned people aren’t stated, Goose has stated ““Those screenshots show conversations which contain hurtful concepts, ideas, and conspiracy theories which I have come to fully and completely reject. What I’ve said in the past is indefensible and inexcusable. I completely understand why people are hurt and angry, and the reaction to my comments is absolutely justified.” He has not done a run at GDQ since 2014.

Graviton had a different response:

Always be cautious of what you say on the internet because people have different opinions; especially if you’re a famed figure.





How to get in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer beta is being released November 27th called Red Dead Online. If you want to play the demo, it will depend on your purchase of Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • If you bought Ultimate Edition, it is accessible at 8:30 ET on Nov 27.
  • If you bought RDR2 on its first day and played it between Oct 26 – 29, you’ll be able to play it on Nov 29th.
  • For everyone else, it will be available on Friday, Nov 30th.

According to Rockstar, it will be “an evolution of the classic multiplayer experience from the original Red Dead Redemption.” It can be played solo or with friends. You can also form a posse up to 8 players.

Kingdom Hearts 3 goes Gold!

For anybody unfamiliar with the term “Going Gold,” it essentially means that the game is finished and ready to launch. Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally ready to launch January 29th. How long have you been waiting?

Telltale Games removed from Online Stores as Studio closes down

If you haven’t bought any Telltale games (Which you haven’t since their sales numbers were atrocious), now might be the time. With Telltale closing down, the company is selling off their assets which include physical goods, trademarks, copyrights, software, and source code. This means other studios will be able to purchase the rights and potentially continue the game stories. On Steam, Telltale has removed their older games such The Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, and Jurassic Park. The Walking Dead: The Final Season and their more recent titles are still available but the date on which they’ll be removed is undetermined. Telltale is working with Skybound Entertainment to finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season. 

In addition to the liquidation of their assets, Telltale can only provide their former employees’ health benefits until November 30th. This will leave their 250 former employees and contractors without health benefits after their layoff. Telltale has been facing lawsuits from former employees for the sudden layoffs.