Borderlands 3 Trailer & More!

Gearbox just showcased Borderlands 3 at Pax East. While most of the announcements were just people talking about how excited they were to work on the game, the trailer showed a bunch of stuff.

As usual, there are 4 Vault Hunters you can play as in the game. While their names weren’t specified, you can see some of their abilities showcased.

  • There’s a buff female Hunter who has the markings of a Siren and can apparently spawn six massive arms. We see her briefly summoning a giant arm later in the trailer and holding an enemy in a containment bubble.
  • A younger female Hunter appears standing in front of a mech that she can apparently summon. Other players can apparently co-pilot.
  • An older male Hunter apparently uses a gadget that will let him create a holographic version of himself. He may be a character from Tales of the Borderlands
  • An android Beastmaster appears to fight alongside a variety of pets, including a Skag and Spiderant.

Some characters from their previous Borderlands titles will be returning. Brick, Lilith, Mordecai, (Borderlands) Maya, Ellie, Marcus, Tiny Tina (Borderlands 2), Rhys (Tales of the Borderlands) and other returning characters all make cameos.

The two antagonists may be called Troy and Tyreen according to GamesRadar. They could both be Sirens based on their tattoos and eye colours. This may not be true because Sirens have all be females according to the game lore.

The game’s announce date hasn’t been shown but Gearbox has stated they will release more information on April 3rd, the same day Borderlands Remastered is set to release.

I am excited for Borderlands 3. It’s one of my favorite co-operative shooters to play due to its colors, fun environment, and crazy gun types.

Apple Arcade – Apple’s Game Subscriptions for all Apple Devices

Today, Apple has announced its own subscription service called Apple Arcade.Unlike Google Stadia, it will not be a streaming service, but rather access to an exclusive amount of games from the App Store.

Photo from the Announcement

It will be accessible on Apple devices: Macs, Apple TV, iPhones, and iPads. The games on Apple Arcade will be exclusives and the company is helping with development as well. According to Apple, they are working with studios: Annapurna Interactive, Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Konami, LEGO, Mistwalker Corporation, SEGA, Snowman and ustwo as its first development partners.

A unique feature is the Family Sharing feature. Once you purchase Apple Arcade, you can share it with your family or who are connected to your phone plan. All the games are playable offline.

Price and how will it compete with Stadia?

There is no Price announced yet but it will be released later this fall. This comes out at around the same time as Stadia. Unlike streaming, the games will all be downloadable on Arcade so you won’t need an internet connection. Arcade will also have exclusive content that is already shown, unlike Stadia which showcased mostly technical capabilities. In a casual market, I believe Arcade will be more popular. The iPhone is still the most popular smartphone on the market and the promise of higher quality games with no ads or in-game purchases are great for parents who are worried that their children are spending too much. Arcade also has Parental Control settings.

However, Stadia looks like it is catering to a gamer-focused market. While mobile is the most popular platform for gaming on a user number, the perks of being able to play triple-A games on any device are appealing to the console/PC market. Stadia also allows you to use any controls from 3rd parties which is much easier to program rather than touch-based controls.

What do you think of Apple Arcade? Will you buy a plan?

GG EP 12.5: The Pros and Cons of Stadia

We talked about the Google’s streaming service Stadia!

Probably should’ve checked what episode we were on before we recorded this. Jairus and I talked about the Stadia, gaming as a service, Xbox live coming to Nintendo, and more!

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Persona 5 R News release date announced

In December, Atlus stated they were working on a new title called Persona 5 RNews was expected to be announced in March and Atlus has confirmed it will be announced after Persona 5 the Animation: Stars and Ours which airs on 8:00pm JST on March 23rd. 

SEGA Fes (Event dedicated to Sega Games) will be occurring on March 30 – 31st. So more news is to be expected.