Persona 5 R News release date announced

In December, Atlus stated they were working on a new title called Persona 5 RNews was expected to be announced in March and Atlus has confirmed it will be announced after Persona 5 the Animation: Stars and Ours which airs on 8:00pm JST on March 23rd. 

SEGA Fes (Event dedicated to Sega Games) will be occurring on March 30 – 31st. So more news is to be expected.




PlayStation State of Play announced for March 25th

Sony is taking notes from Nintendo. It will be a video program which will give you updates, trailers, and gameplay on upcoming PS4 and PSVR games. You’ll be able to watch it on  TwitchYouTubeTwitter or Facebook worldwide and there will be a video afterward.

It will be interesting to see if PlayStation will have the same flair and charm as Nintendo’s Direct. What was great about the Directs was Nintendo Executives were able to add their charm and personality through communications. Reggie Fils-Ame and Satoru Iwata were great treats to see during the direct.