Google teases Gaming product for GDC

Google teases new video game controller for GDC.

Google has been spending money behind the scenes for gaming for a few years. They will be having a panel at GDC (Games Developer Conference) on March 19th at 9am. Many people have speculated that Google will release a gaming console but only a trailer has been officially released. While the trailer doesn’t show much, more patents have been revealed.

A controller patent was found a few days ago. While it showcased a basic controller scheme, the interesting part is that it’s designed to work with several devices; including PC, television screens, tablets, and mobile phones. Chromium, Google’s Chrome internal team, has recently been working on enabling¬†Nintendo Switch¬†controller functionality on their browser.

A unique feature is that the controller will receive notifications from different cloud-based games. It will also act as a storage key as it will store your portfolio, game info, and save data on the controller rather than a console or PC.

People are speculating that Google will not release a console but rather a subscription service to allow players to play video games on any compatible device. This is similar to their partnership with Ubisoft where they offered Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for free on their online service. It is also similar to their current business practices for Google Suite and YouTube Red.

More definitive announcements will be shown at GDC.


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