Upcoming NBA 2K20 has Loot Boxes and Gambling

Despite all the controversies about Loot Boxes and it could lead to gambling, 2K Games said they can do it even better. Not only will the new NBA 2K20 have loot box card packs, but it will also include slot machines, Lottery Wheels, and pachinko. Using those machines can give you gems to purchase super good players so you can potentially get your favorite player. There’s also daily log-in rewards to keep players coming back for more in the trailer below.

Honestly, this feature is actually sickening. The fanbase for NBA2K is so loyal that I am sure this game will sell millions. NBA 2K19 made over $9 million in less than a year according to Venturebeat.

Despite 2K games telling USGamer, they would cut back in microtransaction for level progressing, I guess they didn’t mean they would cut out all forms of it.

It is disappointing to see and I hope 2K fans don’t purchase this game to not support this type of feature.