Game Giants Ep: 23.5 – Kissanime Shut Down, Fall Guys Season 2, Nintendo Switch 2, and more

Wow, two podcasts in 1 month. It can happen! This week, Jairus and I talk about the end of Kissanime and what it means for Anime viewers, Fall Guys Season 2, the new Nintendo Switch, and Animal Crossing.

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Game Giants Episode 22.5: The Comeback


We are back! Thanks for waiting for the latest episode. This week we talked about Jairus’ job ventures, Fall Guys from Devolver, The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Tetris 99, BNA, Beaststars, Avatar The Last Airbender.

Also there are spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2 Ending and the Attack of Titan Manga.

Game Giants Ep 18.5: The best 7/10 Podcast (Video Game Podcast)



We are super bad at remembering what number we are on. Sorry for the late upload! We hope you like the music layering that Jairus worked super hard on! This podcast we talked about our favorite 7/10 games, my review on Promare, Crunchy Roll Expo and Jairus’ review on Link’s Awakening!

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