New Nintendo 3DS Ends…in Japan

Recently, Nintendo has announced to halt production of the New Nintendo 3DS in Japan. This is based on a recent post on Nintendo‘s Japan website regarding the New Nintendo 3DS. The recently announced New Nintendo 2DS  will be taking over the production line instead. It is a sleeker model and has better firmware. In a comparison of the two systems, the new 2DS will have no gyroscopic features and of course, no 3D.

Reasons, why they are stopping 3DS production, is mostly because the fad is dying. Nobody is interested in playing games in 3D and rarely were games using the gyro feature. In fact, several of Nintendo‘s recent games for the system didn’t even have 3D support including Pokemon Sun and Moon and Super Mario Maker. Not only that, but it’s a more subtle way of saving money since gyroscopic features and 3D projecting screens would save Nintendo more money.

New Nintendo 3DS will still be made worldwide but this may be a sign that Nintendo will be moving away from 3D for their previous handhelds. Sales for the 2DS have been better than the New Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 2DS seems more popular as the Nintendo portable sold 490,000 units in Japan and 770,000 units in North America in the last fiscal year. North America shows a little more interest in the New 3DS hardware—400,000 sales in the last fiscal year.

Based on my opinion, I think this is the best move for Nintendo. I’ve rarely used the 3D capabilities because of the strain on my eyes and because it wasn’t very fun. It was a nice gimmick to have but didn’t really appeal to anybody in the long run. All people wanted was a fun hand-held system and the New Nintendo 2DS can still do that.

How do you feel about 3D gaming and if you owned a Nintendo 3DS, did you use the 3D often?


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