Super NES Classic Pre-order *Update

Update: 8/1/2017

The official word from Nintendo: You can now pre-order the Super Nintendo Classic Mini late this month. I highly recommend pre-ordering this if you are interested. Last year, the NES Mini was sold out everywhere and stopped production in April. Although Nintendo has stated they will produce a significant amount of units, you can expect many retailers to be sold out if you are waiting to find it in stores. Nintendo stated

“A significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year.”

They will eventually stop production in the following year similar to the NES Classic Mini.

Wal-Mart recently cancelled all pre-orders from their website late in July due to a technical issue. If you have pre-ordered before this article, I recommend checking your e-mail to see if your order was cancelled.

Sources: Nintendo


If you have been looking for the Super NES, you’re gonna wanna sign up ASAP. They were first available for pre-order on They are currently sold out now. (Of course). You can now receive updates on online retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. These are not pre-orders, simply alert responses when they come back in stock. It’s a slow news day. Many of the links are for the United States only.

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