Twitch Prime Users will receive Ads

When Amazon purchased Twitch in 2014, they aimed to provide features for their Prime members. When your Amazon Prime account connects with your Twitch account, you can download free content for PC games, games themselves, and the ability to subscribe to one Twitch streamer for free for one month.

When will I see ads again?

Starting September 14th, any new Twitch Prime members will start receiving ads. If you have a monthly plan for Amazon Prime, then ads will show on October 15th. If you’re an annual user, ads will appear after your renewal period. Nothing else is changing with the Prime plan. You will still receive a free subscription each month and free games and content.

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Why enable ads?

Similar to the YouTube platform, having ads on streams help support the streamer. While Prime membership gives you a free subscription, it mostly supports Amazon, not the Twitch streamer itself. The free subscription still gives the streamers $5 but ads help streamers earn more. According to CNBC, some streamers can earn¬†averages about $250 per 100 subscribers due to ads. Twitch prides itself on supporting its community and most streamers weren’t earning much from Prime viewers unless they used their free subscriptions.

Are you disappointed to have ads with Twitch Prime?






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