Game Giants Ep: 34 – Gamescom Review, Ben and Jairus‘ new jobs

Episode 34! We talk about Gamescom

We get to talk about Gamescom and the anime and mangas that we have been up to. All things considered, this is the most casual episodes we have done in a while. We also talked about our new career paths~
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Fallout 76 Playerbase Turns Against Each Other

Fallout 76 is a train wreck of a game. It’s awful to look at but you can’t stop watching. From the lackluster features to a $100 premium subscription, Fallout 76 can’t seem to stop catching on fire. Recently, Bethesda announced a Premium Subscirption that allowed players to create private servers for themselves and friends. It also included unlimited inventory storage space. Both features were what players were asking Bethesda for but is currently trapped behind a paid subscription. Premium players receive a medal that differentiates them from other players which has caused a Civil War.

Some players on Twitter and Reddit are reporting that Non-Premium players are intentionally attacking premium players.  ImageIt’s an unintentionally addition but it sure is funny. How long the battle will go on remains to be seen but considering the premium players can just go into their private server, the war is kind of lame.


Meanwhile, The Outer World is doing extremely well for Obsidian. Obsidian previously worked on Fallout New Vegas and was acquired from Microsoft. 78% physical copies of the game were for the PlayStation 4 in the UK. With the addition of it being on Xbox Game Pass, the game has a massive reach. On MetaCritic, the game has an 80% for reviews and users.



Fallout 76 Subreddit



Fortnite is back

Fortnite is back and playable after the game was sucked into a black hole for 2 days. Although some players were infuriated that they couldn’t play, the game has relaunched with Chapter 2.

The game is launching new features such as fishing, swimming, and boats. There are also 13 new locations, places to hide in, new guns, and of course, a new season pass. There is still more features that people are finding.

Fortnite chapter 2 does open with an amazing opening that hypes you to get back into the game.

The most popular game in the world is back. Before Fortnite’s servers went down, the game had over 200 million players. The Black Hole was clearly a marketing strategy to help reinvigorate interest into the Battle Royale title. Many people who quit are coming back just to see the new features that warranted the game shutting down. It is clear that Epic is hoping to come back bigger than ever especially with some competitive players disliking Season 10 inclusions such as mechs and balance issues.

Persona 5 The Royal will feature Persona 3 and 4 Protagonists!

Persona 5 The Royal will feature plenty of DLC and bonus content from the original game. The biggest fan addition is the ability to fight the Persona 3 Protagonist and Persona 4 Protagonist.

They can only be challenged in the Velvet Room so it is unclear on whether they have any importance in the story. Considering the Velvet Room has no effect in space and time, it most likely a fun addition. It looks to be a Optional Boss in the newly added challenge room.

The trailer showed the Persona 4 protagonist with his persona, Izanagi, and images from the Japanese Persona 5 Royal website showed the Persona 3 protagonist using Thanatos.

The Persona 4 protagonist uses summons Izanagi




The female protagonist from P3P is not featured (as usual).

Persona 5 Royal releases in Japan on Oct. 31 and will come to the West in 2020 for PlayStation 4.