PlayStation Store Refund policy update

Sony has recently updated their refund policy for content on the PlayStation 4. Any digital content bought on the store allows buyers to refund anything within 14 days under certain conditions. Your refund is added to your PlayStation wallet balance, regardless of payment method. This means the money will not be refunded back to your credit card.

What are the conditions?

Full games and DLC add ons are eligible for refunds but only if you didn’t start the download, install or stream process. Meaning if you already started playing the game, you can’t return it. However, if the content is “faulty” you could have it refunded whether or not you have played the game.

You can refund pre-ordered games anytime before the official release date or 14 days afterward. Subscription services like PlayStation Plus, Now, and Spotify Premium can also be refunded. Afterward, Sony will deduct a certain amount of the fee based on how much you used the service.

You can’t refund PSN name changes (although the feature isn’t available yet as of the writing of this article).

The service isn’t automated yet unlike Steam or Xbox live. You’ll still have to contact support and request a refund. This can take a while. When I canceled my pre-order of Far Cry 5, it took Sony two weeks to fully refund me after submitting my ticket. Be patient with the process.

This is a good change as Sony had strict return policies before. As more gaming platforms are moving towards digital-focused, having an easier return policy would help players feel more comfortable with making purchases. However, Sony limited player to non-downloaded games makes it annoying. If you played the game and didn’t enjoy, you should still be able to return the game.


Author: blitzen34

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