Why is E3 so Unexciting in 2019?

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is in two weeks and this might be the least exciting year in a while. PlayStation will not be attending, Nintendo has their Directs throughout the year which makes big expos less entertaining, and the lack of rumors have made E3 2019 so boring.

Most of the games have been announced previously. The Last of Us Part 2, Halo 6, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Marvel Avengers are the only games I have been actively looking forward to. Almost all of those games have been showcased in little ways but I am hoping for more extensive trailers at E3 where the games have more time to shine on stage. Microsoft may showcase their next-generation Xbox which could add new reinvigoration to the console gaming industry. Sony Interactive Entertainment has stated they will not announce the new PlayStation at E3 and it wouldn’t be released this year. Nintendo may announce the smaller Switch version but they may not improve it’s hardware capabilities.

I wonder if game companies have become better at keeping their announcements secret. I hope E3 will actually be excited this year.

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