Nintendo Direct 5.06.2019 TL;DR

pokemon gen 8

New Pokemon

There are rumors that there will be over 100 new Pokemon. Sword and Shield will feature older Pokemon as well.

Wooloo Artwork
Gossifleur Artwork
Eldegoss Artwork
Drednaw Artwork
Corviknight Artwork
Zacian Artwork
Zamazenta Artwork


New Features!

  • You now have free control of your camera which will allow you to search for items, areas, or wild Pokemon around the area
  • Dynamax Pokemon – a new item that will allow your Pokemon to grow massively in size like a Godzilla monster
    • All your Pokemon moves will change to “Mega” moves which will provide different effects based on your attacks
    • It will last only 3 threes and can only be used once per battle (similar to Mega Pokemon)
  • Max Raid Battles – While exploring the area, you can go with 4 other trainers to challenge while Dynamax Pokemon
    • The raid Pokemon will always be Dynamax and be much stronger than normal
    • Only one trainer can Dynamax
    • In case you don’t have any friends, it will provide NPC players
    • Once you defeat it, you’ll have a chance to catch it with a massive Pokeball!
    • Only certain Pokemon will show at Max Raids
    • You can play online with people to catch Pokemon (It requires Nintendo Online Service)

New Characters

Leon – The Undefeated Champion of Galar
champion 2.PNG
Strong and Charismatic. He is loved by all trainers
Hop – Your Punching Bag Rival
Professor Magnolia – Professor who researches Dynamax Pokemon
Sonia – The assistant and granddaughter to Professor Magnolia (rule 34 bait)

Gym Battles Return

  • Gym battles and gym leaders are returning in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  • You’ll face Gym Leaders in specific stadiums so that Pokemon can Dynamax!
  • When you battle, the crowd will cheer as it becomes more intense
  • Milo
    Milo – Grass Gym Leader

    That’s it for the Direct! Are you excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield? The game will release November 15, 2019, worldwide!




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