Game Giants Ep: 27.5 – Next Gen Gaming Means Old Game times

This episode we talk about games we are playing and comedies!

This episode was recorded before the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 was released so Jairus and I mostly talked about older games and older comedies. Please make Jairus watch Parks and Recs! Did you get the new console?

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes:

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Game Giants Ep 21.5: Star Wars is not Good, Old Man Gaming, Games of 2020

Guess who is back for 2020! It’s us, Jairus and Ben. This podcast we talked about Star Wars lore, Pokemon Sword and Shield, new games for 2020, video game delays and so much more! Please subscribe and give us a review!


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Pokemon Home Details Released

Pokemon Home is coming this February. Are you going to transfer your Pokemon?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Players prepare yourself! Game Freak is finally releasing Pokemon Home in February which will allow players to transfer their Pokemon from previous games to Sword and Shield.

Below is an image on how to transfer your Pokemon from past Generation.

Pokemon Home has two plans: Free and Premium

The free plans allows you to store 30 Pokémon and can use the GTS (Global Trade Service) and sent Pokémon to the Wonder Box and participate in Room Trades. Premium plans allows players to store 6000 Pokémon, transfer Pokémon from Bank to HOME, host and participate in Room Trades store 10 Pokémon through the Miracle Box at a time, hold 3 Pokémon in the GTS, and have a IV Checker (Serebii).

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What Are the Features?

Besides being able to transfer your Pokemon, Pokemon Home will have the National Pokedex which is not featured in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Thus, it is the only way to bring all your older Pokemon onto the Switch but not Sword and Shield at the moment of this article. Wonder Room allows you to wonder/surprise trade up to 20 people. If you purchase the premium version, it will also be available on Mobile.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The premium plan is 370 Yen/$2.99 a month or 610 Yen/$4.99 for 3 months or 1960 Yen/$15.99 for 12 months. To go along with the release of Pokemon Home, Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter are free to use for the month of February. Pokemon Bank is a 3DS download that allows players to transfer their Pokemon to a box that allows transfer to any generation as long as the Pokemon exists in the game. Pokemon Transporter allows the release original Game Boy Pokemon Games to be transferred to the Pokemon Bank.

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Is Pokemon Home Worth It?

The value is entirely up to you. Do you have some old friends that you would love to bring to the newest game once they are released? Did you have amazing Pokemon with perfect stats that you want to remake your team on? Do you have a shiny that you love? If so, there are ways to transfer them over for free. You have to pay for Pokemon Box currently but if you have been waiting for a free opportunity, February looks to be the ideal time. It does not have a release date but Game Freak stats February 2020.

Ben’s Favorite Games of 2019

Hello everyone! It has been a while. Since everyone is doing it, I would say what my favorite games of 2019 are!

Devil May Cry 5

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I wasn’t a huge DmC fan but I enjoyed the style of game it was from afar. I played Devil May Cry 4 and I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. After getting a picture with the creative director and getting a signed poster for the game, I figured I would play this one. After playing the mediocre Kingdom Hearts 3, Devil May Cry 5 felt like a breath of fresh air. Combat was smooth and challenging. Dante, Nero, and V are all very different in gameplay style and most importantly, the game was fun as hell. Every level to every boss was amazing and it’s one of the games I kept going back to despite finishing the game in 2019.

The Outer World

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A new Fallout style game by the team who did Fallout New Vegas? Sign me up please. The Outer World feels like a simplified more streamlined Fallout type game. The world isn’t as massive and the story isn’t as long but I enjoyed what I played. As a adult with a full time job, I am appreciating games that are a bit more straightforward and exploring doesn’t feel like a hassle. The story is fun and bleak. A very black humor story regarding capitalism and the working class. Guns are fun and straight forward and my party members are fun.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Image result for star wars jedi fallen order

Star Wars mixed with Uncharted, Metroid, and Dark Souls style of gameplay works surprisingly well. I got this game late this year but I am enjoying it greatly. Combat feels good and challenging like Dark Souls. Traveling around the planets and being blocked by stuff until you get more Force Powers makes retracing your steps or re-exploring fun. After playing the older Metroid games, it feels awesome coming back and getting the treasures that I missed. The only complain I have is the character models can look really bad at times and the long loading screens (playing on PlayStation 4). Despite this, it feels good to be a Jedi!

Honorable Mentions: Astral Chain, League of Legends, Borderlands 3, Pokemon Sword and Shield