What’s going on with Spider-Man between Sony and Disney?

Did you know Marvel wasn’t always the mega-hit movie company studio they are today? In fact, back in the late 1990s to early 2000s, the company nearly went bankrupt. To save themselves, they sold the movie rights to their characters: The X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man. Sony took Spider-Man while Fox took X-men and the Fantastic Four. All those early 2000s Marvel Hero movies like the Spider-Man trilogy and the X-Men movies were done by a different studio, not the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that is now owned by Disney. That’s why the later Marvel movies like Iron Man, Captain America, and the Avengers didn’t feature or even mention Spider-Man or the X-Men.

It wasn’t until Marvel and Sony Pictures came to an agreement to bring Spider-Man in the MCU in 2015 just in time for Captain America: Civil War. The deal was that Disney would own the rights for merchandising while splitting the movie profits with Sony. Sony would own the characters, directors, and 95% of the earnings for the movie while Disney took 5% and are allowed to use Spider-Man for their movies and produce them.

Image result for captain america civil war spiderman
Captain America: Civil War

Today, renegotiations regarding that deal were made public. Disney wanted to sign a new deal with Sony and split the profits 50:50 regarding the movie earnings according to Deadline news. Sony wasn’t pleased and disagreed on the deal. Disney said fine and have removed Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios as producers. Marvel only had Spider-Man for five movies before renegotiation: Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, Endgame, and Far From Home.

Image result for spider-man far from home
Spider-Man: Far From Home

What this means is that Spider-Man will no longer be in the MCU. So no more mentioning of Iron Man or the other Avengers. Apparently they “blinked” out of Spider-Man’s brain (Or however they spin it in the future). Tom Holland, the director, and the rest of the cast will still be part of the next Spider-Man movie unless anything else happens.

Fans on the internet are split. Some say that Sony is stupid for taking away Spider-Man from the MCU considering they produced far more successful movies. Spider-Man: Far From Home recently broke the record for best-grossing Sony Film making $1.1 billion worldwide. However, Sony stated that Kevin Feige didn’t really do that much to make the movies successful on Twitter.

However, some people are arguing that Disney is being greedy and trying to own all franchises. Many people note that Disney has made a new monopoly in the movie industry. They own the movie rights to Star Wars and Marvel. They also recently acquired 21st Century Fox and their movie rights which include the X-Men franchise.


It’s a crappy situation for the fans in general. People just want a good Spider-Man movie and they want him to be part of the big Marvel Universe that is now a part of so many peoples’ lives. As usual, business money is always more important to companies rather than the needs of the audience.



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