Game Giants Ep: 27.5 – Next Gen Gaming Means Old Game times

This episode we talk about games we are playing and comedies!

This episode was recorded before the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 was released so Jairus and I mostly talked about older games and older comedies. Please make Jairus watch Parks and Recs! Did you get the new console?

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes:

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Game Giants EP: 19.5: Our Favorite Horror Games!

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This podcast we talked about spooky video games that we played and watched for Halloween. We also talked about watching Anime movies: Fate Stay Night; Heaven’s Feel, The Gurren Lagann movie. We also talked about Dark Souls series and lore heavy video games.

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Game Giants Podcast 11.5: MapleStory stole our Money

(Increased the volume. Thanks Jairus!)

This week’s podcast is not sponsored by Nexon. Game Giants and Sam talked about finishing JRPG’s, spending money on free games, and reminiscing about MapleStory.

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Game Giants Podcast Episode 7.5 (7): Games that dissappointed us!

This month, Jairus and I talked about games and series that disappointed us. Caution: You may be salty after listening to our opinions!

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