Doom Classic accidentally forces Users to use Bethesda Log-In

Bethesda surprised fans of the old Doom series by porting Doom 1,2, and 3 for all game consoles yesterday. However, players noticed you needed a account to play the game! ResetEra Nibel tweeted his experiences that you were forced to log-in to play the offline single-player game.

It is a confusing system, considering that the game has no online features. It does have an offline multiplayer for players though. Still, forcing players to create a Bethesda account is a way for the company to send users marketing emails and track active users. Bethesda has since responded saying that creating a Bethesda account was meant to “be optional.”

They are working to patch that option in. I can only speculate that Bethesda is now stating that after being caught by fans. They were hoping fans wouldn’t be mad or mind.

Twitter has obviously been making memes about being forced to create an online account for a single-player game. So I will leave them below.