How to improve at Fortnite: Have a better computer

There’s a current bug in patch 7.20 in Fortnite. If you’re playing on a Nintendo Switch or a weak PC, your frames rate are usually 30. This is actually worse for players as a lower frame rate means your maximum fire rate will be lower.

Reddit user 0x011A tested how fast certain guns fired on different frame rates. If you notice below, it takes longer to empty an entire clip when playing with lower frame rate.

No fire rate buffs

  • 30 FPS: 3.942 seconds (Actual fire rate = 15.22)
  • 60 FPS: 3.95 seconds (Actual fire rate = 15.19)
  • 120 FPS: 3.45 seconds (Actual fire rate = 17.39)

With War Cry (18 fire rate –> 23.4)

  • 30 FPS: 3.942 seconds (Actual fire rate = 15.22)
  • 60 FPS: 2.967 seconds (Actual fire rate = 20.222)
  • 120 FPS: 2.93 seconds (Actual fire rate = 20.478)

Eurogamer also tested it against metal gates and noticed its 1.44 seconds difference between 30 FPS and 60 FPS. Although it may not seem long, the time can be the difference between life and death. Higher frame rate such as 120 or 300 makes little difference.

Epic is currently looking into the issue