Nintendo Switch Online service announced

The dream of free online services for consoles games has reached the end. The Nintendo Switch’s online service will launch in the second half of September. Below are the pricing plans.

Nintendo pricing.png

The plans are considerably cheaper than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Their yearly plans are $60 but they have more games with online features than Nintendo. Their online service will include online play for their titles, save cloud data backup, special deals, and their mobile app for in-game communications. They will also have some free online games. It will launch with 20 NES games with online play features which allow you to play with others.

online games.png

As long as you have the paid service, you can play the games whenever. It is interesting to see Nintendo have a huge price difference. If Nintendo Switch Online does extremely well and more players move to Nintendo to play online, it may lead to PlayStation and Xbox to reduce their rates. I don’t play any of my Nintendo games online but it will be interesting to see how the market reacts.


Nintendo of America