Everything you need to know about Nintendo Labo

Everyone is excited and confused about Nintendo‘s newest Switch add-on: cardboard. Nintendo Labo‘s initial set will have a starting cost of $70. They are DIY (Do it Yourself) box builds Toy-cons. There will be two starter sets released. One is an Variety Kit that can changed into different Toy-cons. It can transform into 5 different types.

  • A remote-controlled car. The vibrations from the Joy-Con serve to provide momentum and steering to the car. The game software allows the player to control the car like a normal remote-controlled vehicle.
  • A fishing rod where the Joy-Con sit in the reel and the handle of the rod. The game receives motion input from the Joy-Con to simulate a fishing game.
  • A toy piano with a full octave of keys; the console sits atop this to serve as a music stand.
  • A motorbike with Joy-Con inserted into the handlebars on either side of the tablet for steering.
  • A house containing a slot to insert different components that can interact with the game software on the Console’s display.

The second is the Robot Kit. Its a mecha suit that includes a visor which holds the Switch and a backpack that holds the Joy-Con. The game allows a player to rampage through a virtual world presented on the console’s screen. Both boxes will come with a game for the Switch to create a AR game. The tablet and controllers are key to creating a stimulation of movement. Nintendo said the product was “specifically crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart.”



The Guardian


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