Electronic Arts E3 Review/Highlights

Electronic Arts started their conference putting out the fires they started. For every game they announced, they also announced there weren’t any loot boxes. The rest of the conference was dedicated to some solid game presentations.

Anthem (Feb 22nd, 2019):

  • EA’s big competitor against Destiny
  • The game is a multiplayer, open-world game with an integrated storyline.
  • You can play the game solo
  • The game setting looks like a combination of Monster Hunter and Destiny. The robots look like Titans from Titanfall


Battlefield V:

  • WW2 setting FPS. It’s like we are going back in time because nobody can do a good future FPS except for Respawn Entertainment
  • Still heavily team and objective focused
  • Battle Royale mode, Grand Operations (multiple gameplay modes throughout the game)

EA’s Cloud Service Gaming

  • No release date but it’ll be for multiple devices
  • If you’re interested in hearing more, read my Friday article

Star Wars Battlefront 2:

  • They admitted they ruined fumbled the game
  • Solo DLC content which will definitely not bring people back
  • New Starfighter, multiplayer modes might bring people back
  • Clone Wars DLC characters –
    • Grievous
    • Obi-Wan
    • Count Dooku
    • Anakin Skywalker

Unravel 2 

  • Co-op platformer
  • Out now

Sports Games:

  • FIFA, NBA LIVE, Madden
  • I don’t play sports games


  • Working on a new Star Wars game: Jedi Fallen Order (Holiday 2019)
    • Takes place between Episode 3 and 4
    • Play as a Jedi which is great! Hopefully, it won’t be first person
    • No trailer, images, or gameplay shown
  • Respawn previously made the Titanfalls series but was acquired by EA earlier this year

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