New Burnout-Style Game from old Burnout Developers and Creators

Electronic Arts owns Criterion, the developer studio for Burnout. Unfortunately, the studio hasn’t been working on any new Burnout games since the remake of Burnout Paradise in March. Their last new game in the series was Burnout Crash! which received mix reviews from fans considering it was the follow-up game after Burnout ParadisePrevious founders of Criterion, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, spun off their own studio in 2014 called Three Fields Entertainment which has been creating video games similar to Burnout such as Danger Zone. The game is considered a “spiritual successor” to the Burnout series.

Three Fields Entertainment is releasing Danger Zone 2 on July for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s a bigger focus on driving and destruction which fans have been asking for. They will also release Dangerous Driving, a closed track competitive racing game featuring boosts, takedowns, destruction and massive car crashes – which sounds a lot more like Burnout. Ward stated, “Dangerous Driving gets me back to making arcade racing, the kind of software I am most passionate about.”

Are you excited to see a new Burnout-style game? Also, those game names are horrible. How is somebody supposes to find these games online?



Eurogamer – Danger Zone Review

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