Spider-Man PS4 adds Fantastic Suits

Insomniac teased a “fantastic” update regarding their Spider-Man title. Fans predicted new Spider-Man suits in relation to the Fantastic Four. Two new suits have been added. The Bombastic Bag-Man and the Future Foundation Spider-Man suit. Both are suits worn by Peter Parker when he was involved with the team. The suits are free!

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The Bombastic Bag-Man appeared when Peter needed help removing the Symbiote suit. He asked Reed Richards for help and while he looked for a replacement, Johnny Storm gave him a Fantastic Four suit with a bag to hide his identity.

The Future Foundation suit was for Peter when he joined the Future Foundation after the passing of Johnny Storm.

Spider-Man swings over New York in his Bombastic Bag-Man costume in a screenshot from Marvel’s Spider-Man.


Author: blitzen34

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