Spider-Man PS4 adds Fantastic Suits

Insomniac teased a “fantastic” update regarding their Spider-Man title. Fans predicted new Spider-Man suits in relation to the Fantastic Four. Two new suits have been added. The Bombastic Bag-Man and the Future Foundation Spider-Man suit. Both are suits worn by Peter Parker when he was involved with the team. The suits are free!

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The Bombastic Bag-Man appeared when Peter needed help removing the Symbiote suit. He asked Reed Richards for help and while he looked for a replacement, Johnny Storm gave him a Fantastic Four suit with a bag to hide his identity.

The Future Foundation suit was for Peter when he joined the Future Foundation after the passing of Johnny Storm.

Spider-Man swings over New York in his Bombastic Bag-Man costume in a screenshot from Marvel’s Spider-Man.


Sam Raimi Spider-Man Suit added to Spider-Man PS4

Feeling festive, Insomniac gave the free gift of a new/old Spider-Man suit for their PS4 title. The suit is based on the early 2000’s Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi. It was worn by Tobey McGuire. Many fans requested for the suit. Many fans also yelled and complained at Insomniac for not adding the suit in.

It’s great that Insomniac listened to their fans but I hope this doesn’t lead to fans believing that if they shout loud enough, they’ll get anything they want. We shouldn’t have a culture where complaining at developers for more additional content is acceptable. Hopefully, people won’t beg for another suit anytime soon.

It’s a great addition to the game as now the game has all the Good Spider-Man movie suits.

Spider-Man PS4 Final DLC Release Date

Marvel's Spider-Man

The final DLC: Silver Lining releases December 21st. It is the 3rd and final chapter for The City that Never Sleeps DLC pack. It features Silver Sable who has returned to retrieve her stolen Sable International tech. Whether this is the final DLC story for Spider-Man remains to be determined.

Included in the DLC are three new Spider-Suits. One is a crossover promotion with Into the Spider-Verse by Sony Pictures and Marvel (BTW go see the movie, it’s excellent), a cyborg Spider-Man from Spider-Man #21 and the Aaron Aikman Spider-Armor, from Edge of the Spider-Verse #3.

Marvel's Spider-Man

No Raimy suit for the fans but I was hoping for the Black Symbiot, Superior, or Mile Morales’ suit. Are you excited for the DLC?