The Nintendo Switch has Surpassed the PlayStation 4 in Sales

Nintendo switch in japan

Nintendo is finally back on top in the game industry. According to Famitsu Magazines (Japanese Gaming Magazine), the Switch has officially sold 8,125,637 in 114 weeks while the PlayStation 4 has sold 8,077,756 in 272 weeks. Its impressive numbers considering the Switch has been out for only 2 years. The PlayStation 4 is clearly ending its life cycle so it will be interesting to see if the PlayStation 5 will be able to reach the Switch’s numbers.

Why is the Switch so popular in Japan?

Mobile gaming is incredibly popular. It is the most popular form of gaming in the country for men and women. Japan is the 3rd biggest gaming market with 67 million players. Public transit is the most popular form of transportation throughout the country for all ages. With the Switch acting as a handheld console, it is more appealing to the mobile gaming market in Japan.

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