Shenmue Backers Won’t Get a Refund if You want the PS4 Version

Shenmue 3 kickstarter backers received news that they will not receive their refunds if they changed which version of the game they wanted. People who wanted the PC version of the game were unhappy about Shenmue 3 being an Epic Game Exclusive. The Epic Game store has many controversies among the gaming community for its poor interface, failing to launch the game, and security issues regarding purchases.

Backers who were frustrated could apply for a refund if they no longer wanted to receive the PC copy of the game. However, if they switched from the PC copy to the PlayStation 4 copy of the game, they will receive no refund according to Ys Net.

This has angered fans as the instructions for refunds weren’t clear until this last weekend. The full refund option wasn’t available until the weekend as well so backers were forced to wait or change their Epic Copy to a PS4 copy.

If backers wanted, they could have waited a year after the game’s release on the Epic Game store to receive a Steam Code for Shenmue 3. However, Ys Net is unable to guarantee backers will receive the code due to negotiations with Valve. There is also a possibility there will be no Steam version depending on negotiations.

Shenmue 3 comes out on November 19th for the Epic Game Store and PlayStation 4.





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