Pokemon Home Details Released

Pokemon Home is coming this February. Are you going to transfer your Pokemon?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Players prepare yourself! Game Freak is finally releasing Pokemon Home in February which will allow players to transfer their Pokemon from previous games to Sword and Shield.

Below is an image on how to transfer your Pokemon from past Generation.

Pokemon Home has two plans: Free and Premium

The free plans allows you to store 30 Pokémon and can use the GTS (Global Trade Service) and sent Pokémon to the Wonder Box and participate in Room Trades. Premium plans allows players to store 6000 Pokémon, transfer Pokémon from Bank to HOME, host and participate in Room Trades store 10 Pokémon through the Miracle Box at a time, hold 3 Pokémon in the GTS, and have a IV Checker (Serebii).

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What Are the Features?

Besides being able to transfer your Pokemon, Pokemon Home will have the National Pokedex which is not featured in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Thus, it is the only way to bring all your older Pokemon onto the Switch but not Sword and Shield at the moment of this article. Wonder Room allows you to wonder/surprise trade up to 20 people. If you purchase the premium version, it will also be available on Mobile.

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How Much Does it Cost?

The premium plan is 370 Yen/$2.99 a month or 610 Yen/$4.99 for 3 months or 1960 Yen/$15.99 for 12 months. To go along with the release of Pokemon Home, Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter are free to use for the month of February. Pokemon Bank is a 3DS download that allows players to transfer their Pokemon to a box that allows transfer to any generation as long as the Pokemon exists in the game. Pokemon Transporter allows the release original Game Boy Pokemon Games to be transferred to the Pokemon Bank.

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Is Pokemon Home Worth It?

The value is entirely up to you. Do you have some old friends that you would love to bring to the newest game once they are released? Did you have amazing Pokemon with perfect stats that you want to remake your team on? Do you have a shiny that you love? If so, there are ways to transfer them over for free. You have to pay for Pokemon Box currently but if you have been waiting for a free opportunity, February looks to be the ideal time. It does not have a release date but Game Freak stats February 2020.


Shenmue Backers Won’t Get a Refund if You want the PS4 Version

Shenmue 3 kickstarter backers received news that they will not receive their refunds if they changed which version of the game they wanted. People who wanted the PC version of the game were unhappy about Shenmue 3 being an Epic Game Exclusive. The Epic Game store has many controversies among the gaming community for its poor interface, failing to launch the game, and security issues regarding purchases.

Backers who were frustrated could apply for a refund if they no longer wanted to receive the PC copy of the game. However, if they switched from the PC copy to the PlayStation 4 copy of the game, they will receive no refund according to Ys Net.

This has angered fans as the instructions for refunds weren’t clear until this last weekend. The full refund option wasn’t available until the weekend as well so backers were forced to wait or change their Epic Copy to a PS4 copy.

If backers wanted, they could have waited a year after the game’s release on the Epic Game store to receive a Steam Code for Shenmue 3. However, Ys Net is unable to guarantee backers will receive the code due to negotiations with Valve. There is also a possibility there will be no Steam version depending on negotiations.

Shenmue 3 comes out on November 19th for the Epic Game Store and PlayStation 4.




Dead or Alive 6’s Season Pass is $92.99

Dead or Alive is famous for three things: sexy ninjas fighters, 3D fighting gameplay, and having a ton of costumes. Dead or Alive 5 had many costumes packs. To buy the entire collection, players would have to spend more than $1000! Koei Tecmo seems to continue this business practice with Dead or Alive 6 as their Season Pass 1 will be $92.99.

What could be included to warrant such a price? Well so far, Mai Shiranui from the King Image result for mai dead or alive 6of Fighters series who is well known for her assets. Also one new DLC character. The rest are all costumes; specifically 62. It’s pretty absurd for players to purchase DLC priced higher than the game but this is a common business practice for Koei Tecmo. Many of their game franchises such as Dynasty Warriors feature massive costume packs over microtransactions.

While DLC is completely optional, it’s pretty crazy to pay such a huge price for the 1st season pass; especially since it’s more expensive than the base game.

Bowsette denied by Nintendo

Confirmed by Nintendo, Bowsette is impossible to create. According to Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe website, only Toadette can use the website. Not sure why Luigi is mentioned in the item description when the true desire for the item was Bowser.

A screenshot of Super Crown details

At least we will always have fanart, animations, Tumblr, and more.

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