Game Giants Ep: 24.5: What are VTuber?

Jairus answers my burning question: What is a VTuber? What are they so entertaining? In this Game Giants Gaming podcast episode, we also talked about the Xbox Series X, S, BotW, Super Mario 3D – All Stars. I finally finished Breath of the Wild!!! You can download us on Spotify and iTunes!

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Create your 2018 Gaming Year

If you’ve been playing games all years, it’s fun to see what you sunk your time in. As 2018 comes to a close, Xbox and PlayStation are offering users the ability to see all the stats attached to their consoles accounts. This includes most time played, how many achievements/trophies you earned, and your favorite games. PlayStation’s focuses on the past 5 years in regards to the PS4’s lifecycle while Xbox is just 2018.


Xbox 2018    PlayStation 4