Game Giants Ep: 38.5 – Arcane Part 2 + Post Game Awards Review

Jairus and I talk about episodes 4 – 6 for Arcane! We talk about Cait, Vi, Viktor, and Jayce and the absolute joy of the show. If you want to reach out to us to talk more about Arcane, feel free to reach out to us. Especially about shipping. We also talk about The Game Awards winners.


Game Giants Ep: 37.5 – Arcane Spoilercast + GOTY Awards

We got too excited and only was able to cover episodes 1 – 3 of Arcane. We will continue next week with the next part of Arcane so we hope you enjoy it! We dive type into the review of League of Legends new show: Arcane. We also talk about what will win in the upcoming The Game Awards show. If you want to talk more Arcane, feel free to reach out to us below!

League of Legends Arcane TV series: Release date, story, characters, and  everything we know | PC Gamer

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