Game Giants Ep: 38.5 – Arcane Part 2 + Post Game Awards Review

Jairus and I talk about episodes 4 – 6 for Arcane! We talk about Cait, Vi, Viktor, and Jayce and the absolute joy of the show. If you want to reach out to us to talk more about Arcane, feel free to reach out to us. Especially about shipping. We also talk about The Game Awards winners.


Riot Games Creates a New Studio for New Games

Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, have created a new studio called Riot Forge. Riot Forge will be a publishing label within Riot Games who will work on developing games within the League of Legends Lore Universe. The games created under Riot Forge will be third-party studios, not directly Riot Games themselves. No games have been announced yet for the publishing label but the first game under them is expected to be announced during The Game Awards on December 12th.

Whether Legend of Runeterra, their upcoming fighting game, shooter, or adventure game are under Riot Forge remains to be seen.



Riot Games Announces Several Games for 10th Anniversary

Not to be outshined by Fortnite, Riot Games has announced several games for their 10th Anniversary.

Teamfight Tactics for Mobile

TFT released this year during the rise of the Autochess genre. Despite coming out later than Steams’ Autochess, TFT is the most popular on Twitch streaming as of this article. The mobile version is cross-play so you can play competitively on the go! You can pre-register for the game now.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra cover image

First Autochess, now card games. League of Runeterra is Riot’s new online card game. The game features factions based on Runeterra’s lore and League of Legends champions. You can play on PC and Mobile devices and will be free to download. You can watch people currently stream it for League’s 10th anniversary.





League of Legends: Wildcard

Wildcard is the mobile and console version of League of Legends. The map is still the same but controls are adjusted for mobile and console play. Some champion mechanics are changed. You can see Ashe’s Ultimate is controllable in this version. The game is currently in Alpha stages but is expected to release in 2020

League of Legends Fighting Game (Project L)

During the stream for the 10th anniversary, you can catch a brief glimpse of Riot’s new fighting game. Riot acquired Radiant Entertainment who had worked on the PC fighting game Rising Thunder. Although Riot announced it at EVO this year, this is the first screenshot of the game. There is no planned release date at this time.

Project F and Project A

Two new potential games were also shown off. A 3D dungeon crawler was Project F and Project A was a tactical shooter similar to Overwatch.


Tencent and Riot are working together for a Mobile League of Legends Game

Tencent, the Chinese Enterprise Company, is working with Riot‘s U.S. team to develop a mobile version of League of Legends. The MOBA is still going strong despite being a 10-year-old game. During their Mid-Season Invitationals, it gained almost 1.1 million viewers globally. Riot was bought by Tencent back in 2015.

MSI Viewing numbers

Despite Tencent owning Riot, the company has had a strained relationship. Riot didn’t want to develop a mobile game for Tencent several years ago. Mobile gaming is Tencent’s most popular platform. Most video games they publish is for the mobile market.

Tencent then developed a mobile Battle Moba called “Honour of Kings” in 2015 in China. It did extremely well and had over 200 million players in 2017. It was eventually ported to the West and was renamed “Arena of Valor.” The game didn’t click well in the Western Market but it did cause the relationship between Riot and Tencent to grow worse. Tencent has had a difficult time gaining a popular game in the West.

Garen vs Malphite 

The mobile game isn’t expected to release in 2019 and details of the game are still uncertain. It may not actually be a League of Legends mobile version as Tencent has not responded.

Riot has been difficulties making a large profit. Although they made 1.4 billion dollars last year, it is still 21% less than in 2017. “League of Legends is not doing as well as it used to and so Riot badly needs a new way to monetise the game, especially considering that it is Riot’s only game,” said Gu Tianyi, an Amsterdam-based analyst from Newzoo.

Despite this, League of Legends is still extremely popular. The League of Legends World Championship Finals 2018’s biggest e-sports tournament boasted 81.1 million hours in live hours watched across Twitch and YouTube Gaming. According to Newzoo, it is 24.7% of the total PC gaming market.