Sony puts PlayStation Vita to rest in Spain

This year, Sony announced that PlayStation Plus would not include free PS3 and PS Vita games. Fans criticized the decision because it limited players exposure to potential games they may have missed. It also made players less likely to play their older generation consoles. Recently, a tweet from PlayStation Spain announced they had stopped production of the PlayStation Vita.

Translation: “Hello! It’s actually discontinued, yes.”

While rumors speculated the Sony would stop manufacturing the Vita last year, it seems like Spain is the only region currently that has stopped for the Vita. Whether new Vitas will be manufactured world-wide remains to be seen. The PlayStation 3 stopped production on January 7, 2013 globally. The PlayStation Vita struggled to compete with Nintendo’s 3DS. Now that the Nintendo Switch is out, the Sony handheld looks deader than ever. A lack of third party support, popular game titles, and marketing led to the inevitable failure of the Vita.

What was your favorite PlayStation Vita game?



Daily Star UK