Game Giants Ep: 31.5 – Things Get Real

Game Giants Episode 31

In this episode of The Game Giants Podcast, Jairus talks about his next steps in life. Stuff gets real but its a good talk about how are lives are going. I hope you enjoyed listening. The video games we talk Atelier Ryzing, Doom Eternal, and WandaVision! I also talk about the glory of Twin Peaks by David Lynch.

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Game Giants Ep: 29.5 – Post Game Awards Feel and The PlayStation 5

Welcome to Game Giants! You can also listen to us on Spotify and Itunes! We talked about the Game Awards winner. The Last of Us part 2 won so much but we discussed it as well. We also talked about music and video games I am playing. I’ve finished the PlayStation 5 originals so is it worth buying from all of the scalpers?


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Game Giants Ep 21.5: Star Wars is not Good, Old Man Gaming, Games of 2020

Guess who is back for 2020! It’s us, Jairus and Ben. This podcast we talked about Star Wars lore, Pokemon Sword and Shield, new games for 2020, video game delays and so much more! Please subscribe and give us a review!


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GG EP 12.5: The Pros and Cons of Stadia

We talked about the Google’s streaming service Stadia!

Probably should’ve checked what episode we were on before we recorded this. Jairus and I talked about the Stadia, gaming as a service, Xbox live coming to Nintendo, and more!

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