Game Giants Episode 10.5 (10) – Favorite Games of 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the Holidays

This podcast we talk about our favorite games this year. We also talked about Smash Ultimate!


Game Giants Episode 9.5: TwitchCon Review 2018, Game Industry Networking, and Square-Enix Review

In this podcast, Jairus and I talk about TwitchCon 2018, how to network, and Square-Enix!

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Game Giants Podcast Episode 7.5 (7): Games that dissappointed us!

This month, Jairus and I talked about games and series that disappointed us. Caution: You may be salty after listening to our opinions!

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Game Giants Podcast 6.5 (6): Anime Expo 2018 Review Ft. Sam

Want to listen to something over the weekend? This podcast, Jairus and Sam review Anime Expo 2018!

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