Game Giants Episode 3.5 (3) What is a Waifu? What is a Husbando?

The Game Giant’s 3rd podcast that came after 4! This episode, Jairus and I talk about Waifu’s. What is a Waifu? Listen and find out and cringe and laugh at our types of girls. Also about writing good character developments. Apologies for the audio quality, there was background noise that would be distracting during the podcast.

Game Giants:

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Game Giants Podcast Episode 2 (2.5)

Welcome to the Game Giants Podcast. Today we talked about Pokemon, what we want from Nintendo in 2018, Dragon Ball Super’s ending, Anime design, and more! You can follow us at our following media sites.

Benjamin Le:

Jairus Cambe: Youtube: Jairus C. Music 

Game Giants Podcast: Episode 0.5 “Why do you play Japanese games?”


So I don’t have a new article yet but I would like to use the opportunity to promote a new podcast I am doing with my friends. Give it a listen! It’s called the Game Giants Podcast and we talk about gaming and anime. Please feel free to provide feedback about it as well.GG