Telltale releases its Remaining Employees

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Last week, Telltale released a majority of their staff with no severance pay. They kept a skeleton group of employees to finish the last projects they owed to the shareholders. Apparently, that didn’t last long as Telltale just released the last remaining staff members.

The last project Telltale had was The Minecraft Story for Netflix. What remains of that project remains to be seen. Telltale has faced heavy scrutiny by the public for their mass layoffs without providing warning or severance packages for the employees. According to Kotaku, Telltale will finish The Walking Dead: The Final Season with another developer which is a slap to the face of the employees who worked so hard on the game. The future of The Walking Dead: The Final Season looks bleak but the Telltale hasn’t responded on the employee layoffs. Guess they chose the no answer option.

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With Telltale Games laying off almost most of their employees, many fans were concerned over the fate of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The day of the layoffs, it was reported that Telltale would not finish the season but finish their work on The Minecraft Story for Netflix. Fans were heavily disappointed considering The Walking Dead was Telltales biggest game and many were invested in the life of Clementine, the main character. However, it looks like Telltale will continue making The Walking Dead.

Telltale hasn’t state who “the partners” are or when the the new episodes are expected to launch. Despite the good news, many people are pushing Telltale games to pay the laid off employees severance. Over 200 employees were suddenly released from Telltale without severance pay. Without future notice, one former employee is filing a class action lawsuit.

The future of Telltale remains to be unclear but hopefully the employees are compensated accordingly.


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