Everything you need to know about Super Nintendo Classic

If you’re looking forward to the SNES Classic (Super Nintendo), this version will be different from the NES Classic released last year. The SNES Classic will release for $79.99 on September 29 with 21 games. It will come with an two controller. If you’re worried that they will run out of consoles again similar to the NES Classic, Nintendo has stated they will release SIGNIFICANTLY more units than the NES classic.

It’ll come with HDMI, two SNES controllers, and a USB charging cable. A unique feature of the console will be the game, Star Fox 2, which was never released. It won’t be available to play unless you beat the original Star Fox on the console. Only the first level is needed to beat to unlock the game.

Below is the list of games that will be on the console.

SNES Classic games library

They will discontinue manufacturing after 2017 so if you’re really eager to get one, you should pre-order it. As of right now, the pre-order is not available in the United States.

Source: Polygon 

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