Arm’s Sales and Giving IP’s a Chance

Nintendo took a big risk with launching a new IP so close to the launch of the Switch. ARMS, a new 3D fighter, by Nintendo sold 100,652 units in Japan on its first week. It nearly outperformed Tekken 7 (Namco Bandai) and Street Fighter V¬†(Capcom) combined for their opening week. Their total was 100,762 units. For new fighting games, these sales numbers are fantastic and its thanks to Nintendo’s unique marketing that many companies don’t replicate.

What Ninten-does

While Nintendo is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, the company’s first party games are relatively quite small in comparison to Playstation and Microsoft. However, they’ve been in the market for so long and their franchises have become so well-known that they can try different marketing styles than them. The best marketing Nintendo did for ARMS was the Nintendo Direct. They are conference shows completely Nintendo focused and two of them this year were about ARMS, the game’s mechanics, characters and story. The Directs bring unique insight and unique focus on one title. Rarely will companies market their new IP with such dedication.

Selling Points

Of course, other selling points of ARMS is the variety of combinations with the arms, the ease of understanding the controls, the different game modes, and ARMS being a Nintendo title. I personally believe if more companies had more dedicated trailers or small direct conferences for a new IP, they’ll see greater success.

What do you think helps make new IP’s popular enough to be successful? ARMS¬†is currently out for the Nintendo Switch.




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