Dissidia Final Fantasy NT announced for North America!

Avid fans of the Final Fantasy series remembers the 20th-anniversary game: Dissidia Final Fantasy. It was a fighting game that pit the series main heroes and villains spanning from Final Fantasy 1 to Final Fantasy 12 in 2008. It was released for the PlayStation Portable and a sequel was made in 2011: Dissidia 012. (These names are all awful). They were generally well-received as fun arcade type brawler and included fan favorite characters and dream matches for fans. The 3rd entry in the series was announced for arcades in Japan in November 2015. It was named Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015) and was announced for early 2018 release in North America earlier this year.

On January 30, 2018, Square-Enix will release Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015) in North America. Now referred as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, it is a 3vs3 fighter rather than the 1v1 brawler like its predecessor. It will maintain the fighting system such as BRAVE and HP Attacks. Each character will have their own health bar and the ability to use Summons. It will include all the characters in the Arcade version and have Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.


If you would like to pre-order the game, here is the link.

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