If you’ve been looking on eBay or bidding sites for a SNES Classic Edition, save your wallet and your mental stress. Nintendo has confirmed to continuously release the SNES Classic for 2018. The original plan was to stop production in 2017 but Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America, has stated that production for the SNES Classic Edition has “dramatically increased.”

Also, Nintendo has announced they will more NES Classic Editions in summer 2018. How many and for how long will be released at a later time.


Business Wire Polygon


Nintendo should keep producing these for at least two years. If Nintendo really wants to bring in larger revenues each quarter rather than the end of the year, I would just have a limited launch every monthly quarter end. That way, it satisfiys Nintendo’s need for more revenue since the Switch only releases one huge launch per month and fans will be able to obtain a SNES classic or NES classic at specific times.


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