Left Alive:

A new intellectual property (IP) from Square-Enix. The details and directing staff have hyped up many fans of Mech games. Set in Novo Slava, Russia in the future, humanity has apparently not learned about allowing something to live or die. The trailer doesn’t show much but there are actual gameplay and in-game cutscenes. Surprisingly, it shows 3rd person shooting aspects against the Wazers (mechs). If you’re interested in more of the game, click here.

Hokuto Ga Gotoku:

Yakuza developers are working on a new Fist of the North Star game. Based off the hit classic manga, you play as Kenshiro, master of the assassination art: “Hokuto Shinken.” Although the trailer doesn’t reveal much, it is a free roaming game similar to the Yakuza series. You’ll explore the towns and fight random thugs, bandits, and thieves and murder anybody in your way. Many of the kills are censored for the Japanese audience. Similar to the Yakuza series, you’ll also do random side jobs that will seem out of character such as work in bars and mingle with people. It is set for Japan in 2018.

More updates coming soon

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