Microsoft announces Game Streaming Service: Project xCloud

Have you ever wanted to play your video games on any device? The idea of being able to play console games from any device has been an idealistic dream. Many gaming and tech companies have been trying to develop a cloud service that can provide gaming experiences to phones, computers, and gaming consoles. Microsoft announced their new game streaming service: Project xCloud.

The worry about game streaming is the quality, graphics degrading, and latency in the games will worsen. Microsoft is developing Azure to be their cloud solution. Azure supports 54 regions in 140 countries. They are developing hardware to support the cloud servers to ensure it doesn’t crash. You’ll be able to play Xbox games on your phones or tablets using an Xbox controller or using the in-tablet controls.

Don’t worry about Microsoft discounting the Xbox. They are still focused on releasing the video game console and believe its the ideal gaming experience. Their mindset is to provide Xbox games to everybody; even people who don’t own an Xbox. In the video, you’ll be able to see them demo the game.

Depending on the success, Microsoft could greatly change the industry. The launch of xCloud remains to be determined.


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