TL; DW Nintendo Direct 11/1/2018

The Game’s roster is complete! I can’t wait for December!

  • Ken is an Echo Fighter for Ryu. A speedier version with his signature Flaming Shoryuken and two different Final Smash! His moves are different and involve more kicks.

    Image may contain: fire and night
    Heavy Shoryuken only
  • Incineroar, the final evolution of Litten, smashes into the ring. He is the best starter Pokemon introduced in a long time (Sorry Greninja..) He has a bunch of wrestling throw moves and looks to be slow like Ganon. Cool poses for every move that lands but they are cancelable.

    No automatic alt text available.
    A friend to all
  • Piranha Plant: This fighter will be available as an early-purchase bonus for players who purchase the game between 11/1 & 1/31. This fighter will arrive around February 2019. Digital pre-orders will receive a code for the character automatically when it’s released, while players with physical copies of the game will need to register their purchase with their My Nintendo account to receive the codeNo automatic alt text available.
  • Each new character will receive an amiibo
  • Trophies have been changed to spirits! You can collect spirits in the game similar to trophies. They can be used to power-up your character Spirit Battles. You can fight for specific spirits but the COM will be powered up.Image may contain: text
  • Spirits can be fed, trained, and travel to improve their stats. Is this Pokemon?!!!! Some of them evolve and have type advantages. You can “send spirits back to the real world” to get their cores to buff your characters. Spirits can be used to evolve your amiibo by sacrificing them. Image may contain: one or more people and text
  • New assist trophies on characters that deserve to be in the game. No automatic alt text available.
    Image may contain: one or more people and night
    RIP the dream


  • The season pass will be Fighter Pass. It will include new stages, fighters, and music. Each will be released as a set for $5.99. Get all of them for $24.99.
  • New Adventure Mode! World of Light where every character has been turned into light except for Kirby. We have to solve the mystery.
  • Wireless connection to fight other players playing on handheld mode.
  • If you rage quit, then you’re booted. Don’t John and don’t be salty.
  • Elite Battles: For high ranked players, you’ll be allowed into a top tier player zone. Depending on player dominance, balance changes can occur in the future.
  • You can train while waiting for online matches!

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