Super Mario Maker 2 Restrictions for Online Play

Nintendo makes amazing games but they make weird online support choices such as using a phone app for in-game communications. Nintendo has been slower on online features compared to PlayStation and Xbox but fans have been hoping they add better online futures in the current console era. Unfortunately, Nintendo is making a mistake for their upcoming game, Super Mario Maker 2, by only allowing cooperative play with a friend through one Switch or local wireless play.

This means that if you want to play with someone or competitively online on a fun fan-made Mario level, you will be paired with a random person. Nintendo’s reasoning is due to the Global Leaderboards’ scores potentially being skewed for cooperatively play if you play with a friend. However, Super Mario Maker 2 will still restrict you to a random player even if you’re not playing a Leaderboard game mode.

This is definitely a mistake for Nintendo. Many players are building their friend list online in hopes to play together. As an adult, it is difficult to meet up with friends often to play video games together but online fixes that. I am glad that there is still cooperative play but playing with friends will always be more fun. According to Nintendo World Report, there are no announced updates for Super Mario Maker 2 but hopefully, cooperative online play with friends will be added in the near future.


Nintendo World Report


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