The Pokemon Team and Nintendo held a Direct specifically for Pokemon today. They announced:

Pokken Tournament DX:


An updated version of Pokken for the Nintendo Switch. It will come with 5 new characters. 4 Pokemon that were only released in Japan’s Arcade: Darkrai, Empoleon, Scizor, and Croagunk and the new addition is Decidueye from Pokemon Sun and Moon. They will also include new support Pokemon as well. The game will also include a 3v3 mode, Daily Challenges, and everything will be unlocked. If you are attending E3, you can play the demo available there. Pokken Tournament DX will release September 22, 2017.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: Not much was revealed but it is an alternative story from the original Pokemon Sun and Moon. There will be new Pokemon, moves, and a new form for Solgaleo and Lunala. The forms are shown on the image below and you can see influences from Necrozoma, the Legendary Ultra Beast Pokemon. The game will be released November 17th, 2017 worldwide.


Pokemon Gold and Silver will be released on Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on September 22nd. The Pokemon can also be transferred into the Pokemon Bank which will allow you to transfer them into the current generation games.


For the Entire stream and my source, you can check out the Nintendo Direct below.


NINTENDO’s Online Service Date Announced!

Nintendo’s Upcoming Network Plan

If you own a Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you’ve been appreciating the free online multiplayer. Well, a countdown to the end has begun. Nintendo will release its premium online service: Nintendo Switch Online by 2018. Similar to Playstation Network and Xbox Live, this will be a paid monthly service.


1-Month Membership
$3.99 (USD)
3-Month Membership
$7.99 (USD)
12-Month Membership
$19.99 (USD)

Enjoy online services for free until the paid service’s official launch in 2018.


An Online lobby and voice chat through a dedicated phone app.  You can invite friends to play online, set play appointments and chat with your friends. The phone app will be released during summer 2017 for free in a limited form.

You will also gain access to “Classic Game Selections” that will include online play for certain games. Whether these last as long as you have the subscription or you have to pay for them, remains to be seen. You’ll also have more deals for eShop. This will not be replacing the Virtual Console.



In the end, it is cheaper than PSN and Xbox Live currently but the Switch still has limitations. There is no Netflix or common apps that most modern consoles have and only a few games for the Switch warrant the online service. Whether or not Splatoon 2 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe holds your attention online will dictate how valuable the service will be. While popular online franchises like Call of Duty or Battlefield may release on the Switch in the near future, Nintendo doesn’t have the back catalogue for most gamers to invest in the service. We’ll see how popular the Nintendo Online Service will be. I think it’ll do well depending on the “Classic Game Selection,” especially if they offer the games fans have been asking for. This includes the Super Nintendo, N64, and GameCube titles.





Far Cry 5 and the Importance of Settings

Far Cry 5 will have a full reveal trailer this Friday, May 26th 2017. Based on pictures and confirmations by Ubisoft, the game will take place in Hope County, Montana, a fictional city. Based on the promotion picture, you can see churches, the iron cross, guns, sinner scarred into a prisoner and the image imitating The Last Supper from Leonardo Da Vinci. Obviously, this game’s setting will be controversial but I don’t want to talk about the obvious anger that will come from this game. I want to talk about the importance of setting and what appeals to audiences.


Most games don’t use Americans as villains. Especially not games made for a world-wide audience. Most modern games based in America with villains generally are set in the past such as the Mafia series, L.A. Noire, and Red Dead Redemption to name a few. Rarely are Americans the villains, especially not White Americans. This will be a new set of villains who may have a focus on Christianity which is a new archetype that is rarely explored as well.

Choosing Montana is an interesting setting because most games rarely take place in open American land. Most open-world games such as GTA or Saints Row are often based in New York, L.A, or Chicago. Montana is new state most games have never touched and the new setting can appeal to players who may have been tired of the wild areas such as the Himalayas in Far Cry 4 or the jungle of Far Cry 3. This game will take place in a country most players are familiar which can attract older and newer players.

I personally enjoyed Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon but had no interest in 4 or Primal. The sequels felt too similar to one another. However, being based in America now has definitely caught my attention. I hope this game brings new ideas to the franchise besides skinning animals to buff your character and taking territories. While it was fun in the first two, I am already tired of the formula and fans are too based on sales of Primal and 4. Expect to hear people complaining on social media soon about the game soon. The teaser trailer is below

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