Fortnite will launch directly to Android Users

Fortnite is finally releasing for Android but it won’t be on Google Play. To download it, you’ll have to do it directly from Epic‘s website. It will be downloaded as a typical APK file. Don’t download from any other website. There are a lot of scams or fake APK files for Fortnite out on the smartphones. Most Android users aren’t aware that Fortnite is not released for Android.

Why isn’t it on Google Play?

Google takes a 30% tax from each download. 70% covers everything including maintenance, development, operations. With direct downloads, Epic makes and saves more money with direct downloads. Epic can make more money and they are popular enough to have a separate download.

Which phones are supported?

You’re gonna need a strong phone to run Fortnite. According to Eurogamer, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the base level to run Fortnite.