Capcom Home Arcade announced for Europe

Capcom’s new challenger tweet was teasing the Capcom Home Arcade, a classic game system similar to the Nintendo Classic. It’s an arcade system that contains 16 classic Capcom Arcade games for two players. The price is €229.99 (approx $260) which is quite pricey for an emulator machine. The high cost is due to the quality parts provided and an emulator.

For $260 you will get high-quality Sanwa parts which are extremely popular for high-quality Arcade sticks. The emulator is the FB Alpha Emulator which is a high-quality Arcade Emulator for consoles.

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The design is quite obnoxious. It’s a huge Capcom logo that measures roughly 29 inches wide, 8.5 inches deep, by 4.25 inches tall. The Home Arcade has a built-in Wi-Fi to connect to a leaderboard which will allow you to show off your high scores similar to the old school days. Similar to other classic consoles, it’s power is via a micro USB and HDMI. However, the Capcom Home Arcade is meant to be played on a table to lay the arcade stick or on your lap.

The Capcom Home Arcade will have 16 games:Image result for capcom home arcade

  1. 1944: The Loop Master
  2. Alien vs. Predator
  3. Armored Warriors
  4. Capcom Sports Club
  5. Captain Commando
  6. Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness
  7. Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
  8. Eco Fighters
  9. Final Fight
  10. Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
  11. Gigawing
  12. Mega Man: The Power Battle
  13. Progear
  14. Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting
  15. Strider
  16. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Unfortunately, the Marvel vs Capcom titles aren’t available most likely due to licensing issues. Strangely, Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo isn’t available. That version of SF 2 is generally considered the popular version for tournaments. I believe it may be due to Capcom re-releasing the title for modern consoles. The Capcom Home Arcade can be pre-ordered in Europe for October 25th. There is no confirmation as of this article on whether the system will release in the US or other regions.





Resident Evil 2 Remake Receives free DLC

Resident Evil 2 Remake just released last week and Capcom aims to deliver more content for players…for free! First, you can download retro outfits for Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield starting February 15th. They aren’t as sharp as they were back then but their fingers are still rectangles of survival.

Alongside the retro costumes, you’ll be able to play three “what-if” characters who unfortunately got caught in the Racoon City mess. The gunshop owner, the mayor’s daughter, the soldier.

PlayStation Experience Cancelled for 2018

For the past four years, Sony Interactive Entertainment has been hosting their own event: PlayStation Experience (PSX). Stated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden, PSX is canceled for 2018. It was considered a hard decision by Layden.

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The event usually had huge announcements for upcoming PlayStation games. Last year, many fans were disappointed with the lack of surprising announcements. It looks like this year was going to repeat the feeling. It looks like there aren’t any new announcements ready for their exclusives such as The Last of Us: Part II or Death Stranding. The Capcom Cup Tournament is also hosted at PSX. Where it will be hosted remains to be seen.


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Monster Hunter: World adds Quality of Life Changes for New and Old Players

Monster Hunter: World is finally an mainstream console game for PS4, and Xbox One for the Monster Hunter series since the Nintendo Wii. Many fans have been hoping for a main console version since the recent trends of 3DS releases. Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto is changing the controller layout and adding new game functions to appeal to potential new audiences.

With a hope of breaking further into the Western audience and making it easier for new players,  Ryozo Tsujimoto, stated

“We’ve taken a broad look at what we can revise and change and improve in Monster Hunter. Like maybe the bits that were harder to understand or not as smooth. We can improve those things so that players who didn’t get on with the series until now and weren’t able to get past some outer shell of the clunkiness, or difficult-to-process information.”

Fans of the games can keep their controller layout but new controls have been added similar to modern games. Running or dashes can be changed to clicks on the stick rather than R1. Third person shooting in Monster Hunter: World can now be controlled with the thumb-stick similar to third person shooters.

“It’s made the guns so much smoother that even the director was saying he normally only plays a couple of different sword weapons, but this time around, he’s added the guns to his repertoire because they’re just so much easier to get on with and so much more fun,” Tsujimoto said.

With the move to bigger consoles, the map has increased as well. With more vertical space and broader horizons, green clouds of insects will lead players to areas of interest or create trails to follow monsters. Tsujimoto said “it isn’t like a UI GPS marker. It blends in with the world, and yet it functions as something which tells you, ‘This is where you should be going next.”

Monster Hunter: World will also include better starting area. Many players have complained that it takes too long to get into the exciting parts of the game. This often pushed newer players away from enjoying Monster Hunter as you had to find resources for new weapons and armors that often felt dull. Executive Director, Kaname Fujioka, said

“We’ve put a lot more action up front so that even when you’re opening with the story scenes and the tutorial scenes, they’re actually live-action gameplay,” he said. “They get you kicking off playing the game much faster than simply watching cut scenes happen or, you know, talking to people and seeing pages of text.”

Older fans of the series won’t have to worry if Capcom is changing the formula. Tsujimoto stated that “We want to make the game that you love better than ever and bring more people on so it’s got even more fans.” Although there have been complaints that the Monster Hunter series will become too easy, I believe Tsujimoto has the right intentions to improve the game for all types of fans.


Monster Hunter: World seems like a great jumping off point for interested players in the Monster Hunter series. I believe everyone has a common agreement that the game, monsters, weapons, and setting was appealing but the hurdle to climb was too high. I  With the new controls change and the promise of improved changes to the intro, I would definitely start playing Monster Hunter games. Monster Hunter: World releases January 26, 2018.