New Nintendo Switch scheduled for 2019

According to Wall Street Journal Japan, Nintendo is expected to launch an upgraded Nintendo Switch Console in 2019. Although the details are unclear on specs, the WSJ Japan expects a bigger, brighter screen. The Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017. Nintendo was relying on the sales of additional¬†peripherals such as the Labo. However, slower sales this year may have pushed Nintendo to release the “Switch 2” earlier than expected. Are you going to get the second Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo brings the Ban Hammers on Hackers

Nintendo has always had their share of hackers and devices throughout their console releases. Everything from GameShark, R4’s, and homebrews have broken through Nintendo’s hardware. The Nintendo Switch is filled with hackers as well. Hacking ranges from playing pirated games, cheating in Splatoon 2, and adding pornography on Mario Odyssey. Fortunately, now that Nintendo has a stronger online game presence, they’ve been able to slam the ban hammer on hackers.


You’re banned!

Anybody who plays pirated games online on the Switch are banned. An exploited hardware patch in April allowed hackers to play pirated Switch games. However, a recent patch allows Nintendo to detect players using the hacking software on their Switches. Each Nintendo Switch games has a unique token for the game and when you play online, the console submits a token. This counts for physical games. Downloaded games have an encrypted game ID tied to the Nintendo Switch console and the Nintendo ID. Pirated games don’t have the token or code and Nintendo will notice and ban you instantly from playing online.


Of course, there are complainers on forums such as GBAtemp and on r/SwitchHacks but they have high hopes of getting past Nintendo’s defense.


Not me

Examples of hacks:

In Splatoon 2, hackers are plaguing online multiplayer matches by being invisible, having more specials and rapid fire. While you can report them and they disconnect frequently, hackers appearing on ranked games have frustrated players.¬† Super Mario Odyssey recently added Balloon World to allows players to create platforming time trials. When you’re playing, you can see other players Switch icons. Through homebrew hacking, players were able to add pornographic images throughout the game which would be difficult to explain to your parents.

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