Persona 5 The Royal will feature Persona 3 and 4 Protagonists!

Persona 5 The Royal will feature plenty of DLC and bonus content from the original game. The biggest fan addition is the ability to fight the Persona 3 Protagonist and Persona 4 Protagonist.

They can only be challenged in the Velvet Room so it is unclear on whether they have any importance in the story. Considering the Velvet Room has no effect in space and time, it most likely a fun addition. It looks to be a Optional Boss in the newly added challenge room.

The trailer showed the Persona 4 protagonist with his persona, Izanagi, and images from the Japanese Persona 5 Royal website showed the Persona 3 protagonist using Thanatos.

The Persona 4 protagonist uses summons Izanagi




The female protagonist from P3P is not featured (as usual).

Persona 5 Royal releases in Japan on Oct. 31 and will come to the West in 2020 for PlayStation 4.

Persona 5 The Royal Confirmed for the West in Spring 2020

It’s finally official. Persona 5 The Royal will release in Europe and the USA in a new trailer. The Royal is an updated version of 2017 original with a variety of new additions

  • More character interactions
  • More story
  • More gameplay mechanics and different dungeon designs

The game will be $59.99 and if you owned the original version of Persona 5, you’ll earn an undetermined bonus. The Royal will release in Japan on October 2019 so be wary of potential spoilers while you wait for the international release!

Persona 5 The Royal Trailer Breakdown

An official trailer for Persona 5 The Royal was released during the Persona live event in Japan. The trailer showcases many new features in the updated version including a 3rd semester of school, a new classmate/party member, updated combat and dungeons, and more. Persona 5 The Royal will release in Japan on October 31st and worldwide in 2020.

Persona 5: The Royal

Another semester of school is significant because, in the original title, the game ends in December. In Persona 3 and 4, the game lasted until May while starting around the same month as Persona 5. What the 3rd semester includes remains to be seen but from the trailer, it involves the casts hanging out more which is something I wanted more of. They may spread the dungeons times further apart. An unknown young man will appear during the 3rd semester whose name has not been revealed.

Persona 5: The Royal
Could this be Morgana?

The new party member is Kasumi Yoshizawa. She is a new transfer student that comes to Shujin Academy at the same time as the protagonist. Unlike him, she has outstanding achievements as a rhythmic gymnast since middle school and people think highly of her. She admires the protagonist but dislikes the Phantom Thieves. Persona 5: The Royal

Persona 5: The Royal

Persona 5: The Royal

There is also a new confidant known as the “Le Consultant.” Takuto Maruki is a part-time student counselor hired after the events in April regarding a certain teacher. With his good looks and listening skills, he is popular among the students. I have suspicions that he is secretly a villain.

Persona 5: The Royal
Sexy; but evil?

Student life is also expanded. You can hang out together and play darts which will unlock new skills for your party member similar to Bike Rides in Persona 4 Golden. There are new dating spots, you can hang out with twins outside of the Velvet room, and a new spot in Kichijouji. The new spot has many conflicting cultures and personalities which leads to many clashes between men and women of all ages.Persona 5: The Royal

Persona 5: The Royal
Dating  hanging out with the Twins

Combat and dungeons have slight changes. There are more special moves from the party members. Futaba also seems to have a special attack! There are duo attacks but it hasn’t been shown in detail yet. Dungeons have also been expanded. There are new puzzles and treasures to find! There are also new strong enemies called Kyouma which glow with evil purple energy.

Persona 5: The Royal
Kyouma in Persona 5 The Royal
Persona 5: The Royal
Dual Attacks

There is a lot more but I am excited for Persona 5 The Royal. Hopefully Persona 5 S will be shown tomorrow.