PlayStation 5 Impressions

It’s been a week since I received my PlayStation 5. I’ve played three titles: Bugsnax, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon Souls and I got to say…the PlayStation 5 is pretty solid.


  • PlayStation Store is a lot faster on the console. It is incredibly easy to access the store and barely takes any time to load in comparison to a PS4. The search option is a lot better and I actually wouldn’t mind using the store on my console; especially since the new webpage isn’t that great.
  • Strong but a quiet beast. The PS5 is relatively quiet even when I’m playing games. The fan hum is quite low however it was quite loud when I was downloading games on my console.
  • Controller feedback is amazing. Feeling the run in Bugsnax felt nice and didn’t feel too shaky while I was swinging as Spider-Man. The back trigger buttons also feel nice although it can tend to flick back at times. The best part is the noise from the controller. Catching Bugsnax or hearing the visceral strikes in Demon Souls really make the games sound out more.
  • Load times are also small. I’m not a huge parts but the PS5 takes barely anytime to load a game in comparison to the PS4. You can change games pretty quickly which is nice.


  • The buttons aren’t as responsive. Maybe it’s just when playing Spider-Man but sometimes the L1+R1 don’t always work together. The 4 face buttons don’t feel as good to press. In comparison to the PS4 face buttons, the PS5 controller isn’t as nice.
  • The PS5 is also lacking in USB ports. There is only one in the front and two USB ports in the back. Meaning if you want to charge your controllers or have an external memory drive, you might need to figure which device takes which spot for your console.


Most likely people reading this haven’t been able to get a PS5. Good luck on your search! My console is the disc version.

Game Giants Ep: 25.5 – PlayStation 5 Price Reveal, Nintendo Mini Direct, and Dragon’s Dogma Netflix Show

In this episode of The Game Giants, Jairus and I talk about the PlayStation 5 Price, games and the Nintendo Mini Direct. I also review Dragon’s Dogma on Netflix and Mulan 2020! If you want more leave the comments on!

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PlayStation 5 Specs for the Everyday People

Wired released an article about interviewing the specs and capabilities of the “next PlayStation console” according to Mark Cerny (Lead Architect for PlayStation 4 and Vita). A lot focused on the internal parts and systems that will make it great but let me break it down for people who are unfamiliar with specs and gaming hardware.

Mark Cerny

3rd generation Ryzen cores designed for the 7nm fabrication process, based on the upcoming Zen 2 design: The “PlayStation 5” will be as strong as a standard gaming PC and be able to run games even better. More stuff on the screen and being able to show everything without the game slowing down at all.

 A custom variant of AMD’s upcoming Navi architecture: The games for the new PlayStation console will look amazing.

Ray Tracing: Game audio quality will be good. You’ll be able to even hear the footsteps of characters or hear audio from different sources in the game in one area. Audio quality from PlayStation 3 to 4 was quite minor but expect big changes to the next one. You won’t need to buy new audio equipment; you should be able to hear everything from a television speaker.

The current PlayStation VR model will be compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Solid State Drive: Your games are gonna be able to run way faster. Cerny demonstrated how long it took in Spider-man for PlayStation 4 to fast travel. In the PlayStation 4 Pro model, it took 15 seconds; in the developers kit for the prototype of the “PlayStation 5,” it took 0.8 seconds. Your game and its environment will be able to move much faster and you can accelerate motion in the game while still looking good.

Backwards Compatability: You’ll be able to play your PlayStation 4 games. It will still accept physical media so you don’t have to worry about your games becoming obsolete.

In regards to other features, that still remains to be determined but don’t expect the PlayStation 5 to come out in 2019! Cerny also didn’t state anything about cloud services but he did say “we are cloud-gaming pioneers, and our vision should become clear as we head toward launch.”

Are you excited for the PlayStation 5?