SWERY’s The Good Life moved to Kickstarter: More Publicity, more problems

Swery has unfortunately not made his goal on Fig for The Good Life. The game was able to reach 45% of its goal of $1.5 million but that isn’t stopping Swery. He has now moved his game to Kickstarter. He states how his statements in regards to The Good Life caused a lot of confusion for people. Many fans were confused on what the game was about. Based on concept trailers and bundles, many supporters were confused by The Good Life story and the overall gameplay.

Hoping for a second chance on Kickstarter has brought more attention to the game but also disapproval as well. Fans aren’t as supportive because Swery‘s previous game, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, never finished. The reason D4 never finished because he fell ill during production with Access Games and left the project. Since the ownership rights belong to Microsoft, Swery was never able to finish his game leaving fans unhappy.  For Kickstarters, initial marketing efforts are extremely important. Although Swery is an infamous game developer, his fanbase isn’t as large. His games have always struggled to reach high sales numbers. Luckily, Swery has learned his lesson and seeks to lower the funding goal of The Good Life on Kickstarter. Swery is trying to rework his message and is still adamant on funding The Good Life. Many Kickstarters have failed to reach expectations of audience demands such as Mighty Number 9, Ouya, and Star Citizens and but lowering the funding goal and Swery’s honest ambitions make me hopeful for his game to succeed.

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